Automate best practice lifecycles, unify compliance processes, and provide assurances around their effectiveness to better manage corporate compliance.

Policy and Compliance Management features

  • Policy acknowledgements: Build compliance into your front-line processes for a stronger compliance posture.
  • Policy exceptions: Ensure exceptions are appropriately reviewed and assessed for a truer overview of an enterprise’s compliance posture. In addition to within GRC, Security Operations Vulnerability Response can also make policy exception requests.
  • Integration with content providers: Gain access to hundreds of current regulations, initiatives, and frameworks all in one place.
  • Issues management: A consistent process for automatically creating and responding to issues reduces remediation time from days to just minutes.

Benefits of Policy and Compliance Management

  • Save time and money: Automated compliance testing reduces manual efforts, costs, and allows resources to be reallocated.
  • Reduce risk: Real-time insights into compliance help resolve issues before they become audit findings.
  • Simplify compliance: A common framework reduces the number of controls making compliance testing and maintenance easier.
  • Work the way you want: Mobile interfaces and role-based dashboards provide the data you need to do your job from anywhere.

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