Transform your legal operating mode

ServiceNow Legal Service Delivery, part of the Paris release, is highly relevant in the marketplace.

Streamline Processes and Save time

Legal Operations teams have additional responsibility that to streamline the delivery of legal services recognize that ad-hoc, unstructured communications between employees and the legal department are slowing things down. Instead of an organized process, teams are communicating with email, phone calls and spreadsheets to do their job. Instead of employees being able to self-serve and find answers to basic questions.

Businesses however are moving faster than ever before - whether due to their digital transformation evolution or in response to macro-economic trends and crises.

Modernize your legal operations with efficient service delivery. Eliminate silos and manual steps to make faster decisions and increase productivity.

Transform legal from intake to insight

Transform legal from intake to insight

  • Gain efficiency
  • Deliver always-on support
  • Get insight into demand
  • Keep pace with the business

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