Chatbots are rising in popularity, thanks to increasing demand from consumers to have a 24/7 digital experience. Chatbots are popular in enterprise because, quick response, at times clever, and eventually support workers and customers to get answers to common questions without blogging down your service team.

Why to use Chatbots in ITSM?

Chatbots helps to advance overall ITSM efficiency and productivity by managing routine employee matters much quicker. Automation in processes is a major business priority among IT leaders today and therefore. Chatbot is a next generation automation tool in order to achieve more results with less efforts. Chatbots rebound insignificant service tickers being sent to human agents. When an enterprise start using chatbot for IT support, virtual agents interact with the users through a conversational UI to resolve issues quicker and be available 24 by 7. Chatbots are programmed in a way to learn the past encounters and they constantly advance to answer queries better way.

By implementing Chatbots in ITSM with deep integration with your data, the solution can deliver custom responses within the conversation unlike other options in the market. Chatbots makes life easy for user, end user can ask the same queries they would ask a human agent and chatbots recognise and revert. If an employee has an IT query, the agent already has the knowledge what tools has been issued and can instantly suggest troubleshooting. Chatbots speed up the tasks and create a personalized service experience.

Chatbots help organizations to scale up their ITSM operations. Here are few things which you should look into your ITSM chatbots:


Chatbots acts like a virtual agent and its available 24x7 and have ability to resolve queries instantly without needing a human agent to intervene. With the help of this virtual agents common tasks can be managed in that moment.

Automated and Cost Effective

Virtual agents provide organizations access to pre-defined conversations workflows which results into automated and cost effective solution to many common issues. Few of the enterprises have reported that they have cut the workload by 50 percent.

Easy Access to Users

Virtual agent is flexible enough to help employees navigate robust knowledge bases on complete common queries through a range of media. Chatbot is accessible on the web platform, on mobile through iOS and android apps, and can also be accessed through collaboration tools such as Microsoft Teams and Slacks.

User Engagement

Users may frustrate when they have to re-explain their issues when they are introduced to new agent or transferred to chatbot and also having to search the magic phrases to get their query resolution.

With this solution, whenever users connect they can access the right agent at the right time at any point in the conversation without drop off in the engagement. Virtual Agent is integrated with the Live Agent module to ensure transfers happen seamlessly, with information shared swiftly to the next tier of support without the clunky robot-speak.

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