Benefits of Automation of Onboarded Employees

  • More than 25% rise in employee's productivity
  • Employee Performance propelled by 20%
  • Dedicated employees work 60% harder so employees count will ascend
  • 10 times Deduction in abdications

In Burgeoning businesses, employee onboarding and off-boarding occur at an enormous pace requiring the intervention of HR, facilities, IT, Security, and other departments on-premises as well as off-premises (background verification, PF, benefits, etc.). Automation, Digitization, and Mobile Enabled employee transition through ServiceNow is one of the prominent solutions to streamline Human Resources processes. Automation will perform cross-functioning and cross-checking of records for onboarded and offboarded resources. Accelerating management of employee onboarding, offboarding, and transitions of an employee.

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Several HR services delivery initiate within HR processes but require coordination of multiple departments to complete them. Traditional onboarding solutions support HR-related activities for example fetching employee information, compliance, and I-9 forms without any management and coordination along with other departments.

According to Gartner's research report, "Onboarding processes have an indispensable influence on employee engagement and retention".

Expansion of processes scope working with multiple business functions to reach more worker types through all phases of workforce life cycle1.

"Most critical experience is the onboarding of an employee," said Deepak R. Bharadwaj, general manager of Human Resources Business Unit, ServiceNow.

“ServiceNow streamlines and automates the complex services through a system of actions required from multiple departments including HR to provide great onboarding experience."

ServiceNow Enterprise Onboarding and Transitions break complex processes down into individual activities such as providing workspace, credit cards, security access, laptops, and phones – distributing it to different departments for approvals and actions. Tracking status of the activity and automatic reminders if schedule lag.

Resolving issues through automatic escalation if there is stagnation in the activity.

Easily case-opening in the application if exceptions occur as part of the onboarding workflow.

Entire elimination of manual processes such as the creation of email accounts, automatic updation of Core HR, and other departmental systems of record.

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