Management of IT infrastructure, maps IT services to business activities and processes. Continual Service Improvement in managed services involve IT Governance Management, IT Quality Management, IT Resource Management, IT Security Management. Managed Service Provider enables greater consistency and predictability of IT Operations, well defined costs and assets, in-depth processes for creation, deployment and movement of IT services with elimination of risks. Increased adaptiveness and stability for executing process changes.

  • Single Sourced management support for all devices to automate global IT Service and IT Operations Management.
  • Reduction in Time to implement integrations.
  • Deliver Rapid response and resolution time.
  • Single set of SLA’s and management portal.
  • Centralised Service Delivery and creation of single system of record.
  • Automation of Workflows, visibility of all incidents and highly efficient services.
  • Total Integration, Visibility and Workflow control.
  • Minimizes Risk by contributing to Agile Methodologies.
  • Service Integration and Management to manage end to end processes, track overall performance and compliance.
  • Service Desk Optimisation and Real-Time Monetisation.
  • User Help Desk L1-L4 Support to provide solution and investigation of issues, implementation of changes on the code level with ServiceNow resolving platform related issues.
  • User and Access Management , Workflow Configuration and Data Quality Management , form field changes and other quick changes in ServiceNow done through system administration.
  • Continuous Health check-ups and security audits dynamically identify and eliminates the siloes.
  • System Performance Monitoring Analysis detect the hostile activity trends and fix those glitches.
  • Managed Services for Microsoft Azure and AWS to provide leveraging benefits to enterprise customers establishing operational, financial and GRC predictability

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