Intelligent and intuitive Cloud platform to predict, prioritize and proactively manage the work. Provides AWA (Advanced Work Assignment) that automatically assigns the task to the authorized person and changes assignee based on conditions such as: availability, options a skill. Through Agent Workspace, provides integrated and graphically intuitive user experience.

CMDB monitors infrastructure, ensures integrity, stability and continuous service operation. Dependency View depicts the status of Configuration Item (CI). Compliance enables data validation from administrators and fix bottlenecks and issues found in the data. Data Certification validates CMDB. Content Management System allows users to create customer interface. Decision tables resolve complex decisions. E-signatures help to sign electronic documents from desktop or mobile device.

Edge encryption encrypts sensitive data. Flow Designer uses natural language to automate processes in a single design environment. Instance Data Replication allows copies data updates from one instance to another for maintenance of consistent data across the organization. Helps to achieve faster application updates, increases satisfaction scores for users as well as developers, enables cost-effective delivery of business solutions, faster release of enterprise applications into market.

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